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The elastic materials in kyBoot shoes help your feet get stronger. There are three main effects:

Wearing the kyBoot as an everyday shoe improves posture and gait. It prevents the feeling of heavy, tired legs, and helps with a wide spectrum of complaints, from plantar fasciitis to neuropathic pain.

You will be able to walk better and stand effortlessly while improving your health with each step. (

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Only $175

Introducing the Albert 2 Scanner - the ultimate all-in-one 3D foot scanning solution!

Albert 2 captures unmatched data and information about feet, enabling retailers and consumers to make more educated buying decisions when it comes to footwear and orthotic purchases. Featuring 4 Intel® RealSense™ depth cameras and 5,184 gold plated sensors, Albert 2 offers the most sophisticated, interactive, in-store foot scanning experience to date.

Come see us to try out this brand new technology and get your pair of 3D custom orthotics for only $175.00 (for a limited time)!